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Rebel Herbs Values Education

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our local school has switched to e-learning, some of the work requires physical pages for the students. In our rural area, parents have limited access to printing services. To eliminate any access issues, we are offering free printing of any e-learning packets or supporting homework for students attending our local school district. The parents have a special email address to send the e-learning packets to so we can print them off. After printing the packets we are using a no-contact system for pick up that complies with the CDC's recommendations for the prevention of the spread of COVID-19. Parents are able to safely pick up the printed packets without driving a long distance or trying to find a store or office open to help them. Sometimes the most obvious needs are overlooked in favor of some grand gesture. Many rural areas are struggling with the lack of basic technology and yes even basic office equipment. Imagine trying to do 6th-grade math on a mobile phone or trying to read a novel that you will have a test on from that same tiny screen. Better yet imagine a household with multiple children trying to use the same small screen to do their homework for several different grades.


Education is our most basic building block for a better tomorrow so we need to support it in every way possible. #RebelHerbsValuesEducation


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