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I am 45 years old and I was diagnosed with Synovial sarcoma back in 2015. It was located outside the bottom of my esophagus and top of my stomach. I went through a tough chemo regiment along with going through successful surgery to remove tumor. To get clean margins they had to remove part of my esophagus and stomach. With that, my weight dropped dramatically along with my appetite and energy levels.

 My wife introduced me to Rebel Herbs #24 Imunade. I have been taking it for a couple of months and we both have noticed changes to my energy after work and how my appetite has returned. I have also noticed a lot of my scar tissue from surgery becoming reduced. 

 I feel that Imunade has had a positive effect on my health and recovery. My weight is up and I am feeling great. I hope to continue this supplement for the long haul."

Roseville, MN



I am 79 years old and I have been living with pain in my shoulder for some time. An X-ray revealed that there was bone on bone contact. I am unable to have surgery due to age and health reasons.

My daughter introduced me to Rebel Herbs #36 Jointade Oil, I put this oil on my shoulder twice a day. The Jointade oil has reduced the pain and has decreased the "crunching" sound my shoulder was making. 

I feel the Jointade oil has been a help in reducing the pain in my shoulder. I will continue to use Jointade oil and I appreciate the relief it brings. "

Indianapolis, IN

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