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Life After Quarantine

Some states are going back to work and reopening. What does that mean for the world of natural medicine? How have things changed, and what changes will become permanent?


There are so many questions and very few real answers, only guesses, and probabilities. But there are a few things that we are fairly sure of ... the world has changed in a real and permanent way.


For those of us in the world of natural medicine one change that is certain is the mass focus on immune function. This category of products has for years been relegated to oncology and oddball rare immune diseases that have no allopathic options. But now the whole world is focused on the body's immune system and how to keep it running at a high enough level to ward off viruses like COVID-19.


Herbs that are antiviral and plants that activate sluggish immune systems are being pulled out and dusted off for the first time ins a long while. This makes me happy because we sometimes tend to look at herbal medicine as a different type of pharmaceutical. However, drugs don't have a broad enough range of action to work continuously, in the body the way plants do.


This could be the bright dawn of a new herbal renaissance, where the public gets to know the benefits of what Ayurveda calls Rasayanas or tonic herbs that work with the body to improve its functioning.


We are also working to improve our business systems to serve our healthcare professionals better. I know a lot of you have small practices and you don't want to stock products in the clinic so you are using a direct to consumer online dispensary. You make the recommendation for the client to buy the product and then send them out the door with a web address and hope they make the effort to go online and buy it.


How many times do they leave your office and not get medicine? Even if they do make the effort, you get such a small part of that purchase that it isn't significant to your income? To better serve you we are offering drop shipping. You spend the time telling your patients how and why they need this herbal product, you deserve to get your fair share of the profits. Not to mention it improves compliance if they actually get the product from you.


We make it easy - You talk to the patient about the product and they pay you plus whatever you want to charge them for shipping, then you order it from and select drop ship to the client and at check out you put in their shipping address. Then you get the full wholesale margin (less the $1 fee we charge for dropshipping).


We have also increased our educational opportunities, some with free CE and some just for information. Some videos are short and some are a full hour (the CE ones are a full hour) but all are informative and timely. Check them out HERE


Let's use the rest of 2020 to talk about the amazing tonics and rejuvenating herbs from Ayurveda and how we can use those to keep our clients healthy.


I hope that you have been blessed this season with good health and a steady income, and if you have not enjoyed those blessing I pray that you have been made stronger for the experience. See you soon!


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