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Organic Farming - From Soil to Shelf

Sometimes I sit in my office or a hotel room and marvel at the dedication of those in our company that really make things work. Not me, not the marketers, the promoters, the designers, not my executive board or even the great advisory board that helps to guide us. No, I think about the farmers that work on our farms and the coop of tiny family farmers that took a chance on the crazy idea that some simple herbs grow in the ancient ways could save their incomes and create a solid consistent flow of business that will continue for generations.

Imagine that! They took a leap of faith that took years to prove and the continue to do the hard work while we type on our computers and show people pretty packages. They toil in the dirt, and pray for a good crop while we create video and flyers they create the very essence of our products.

So, here I sit in my hotel in Texas, AC on and wearing a sport coat. Pulling up pictures from my infrequent visits to the farms and trying to help you see how amazing the people behind this movement are. It's a task that is quite daunting and I'm certain I will not do it justice. How, can I? If you don't cry at the shear enormity of the effort and risk put in by folks you have never met and may never even see, then you aren't feeling what I feel right this very moment.

Please take a short break and watch this video showing just one of our farms, a beautiful and shining example of what can happen when you dream big and have amazing farmers backing you up!


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