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Licensing for Indiana Naturopaths

Last weekend we spent time at Nourish, an event sponsored by the Indiana Association of Naturopath Physicians . It was centered around women’s health issues and focused on a natural approach.

This was a great event to signal the association’s push for licensure, in the state on Indiana. It’s crazy to think that an ND in the state of Indiana has no more treatment authority than an EMT. Naturopaths are well trained and fully equipped to tackle modern health issues but we treat them as second class citizens.

Why is four years of allopathic medical school viewed more highly than four years of naturopathic medical school? The education that is accepted in Canada and a host of US states should be accepted here in Indiana. With the US healthcare crisis in full swing we need to be mindful of the true cost of not embracing the natural approach to prevention and nutrition. Ignoring the wealth of research because it is not based on isolated chemical compounds that are patented by big pharmaceutical companies is a practice that has led us to this point. I think it’s time to explore a more natural approach and one that is different than the current failing system.

I urge you to contact your government representatives and let them know that you support full licensure for Naturopaths in Indiana. Make your voice heard.

If you would like to learn more about the Indiana group you can visit their website at

Take an interest and help out.


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