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Meet Amanda! Rebel Herbs' Student Representative from NUHS!

Rebel Herbs is so very excited to introduce our student representative from the National University of Health Services, where she is studying naturopathic medicine. Recently, we were able to sit down and get to know her a bit, and we would like you to get to know her too!


Rebel Herbs:  "Welcome Amanda we are so excited to have you as a team member, can you tell our readers what  you have been studying so far?"


Amanda: "Thank you, it’s great to be a part of the Rebellion.  I recently graduated from Boston University's Sargent College of Health & Rehabilitation in 2019 with a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences.  I am currently a student at National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, Illinois pursuing a Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine.  While I was studying in Boston I had a special focus on Public Health and Religious and Cultural Awareness in Medicine.  I worked as a research assistant studying signal-activated and cell-state transcription factors of the immune system.  also spent a great deal of time working as an assistant program manager at Boston Medical Center's Program for Integrative Medicine and Health Disparities." 


Rebel Herbs: "As a Student Representative for RH what  will you be doing?" 


Amanda: "I will be acting as a company liaison to create awareness of the RH mission and products with the NUHS students, faculty, and administration. I will also have the opportunity to connect with other students and natural healthcare providers at conferences and events."


Rebel Herbs:  "What is your main focus and what are your goals?"


Amanda:  "I have a special interest in immunology, Ayurveda, infectious disease, and chronic pain.  I hope to work as a primary care physician, empowering future patients to take control of their health and find the root cause of any and every perceived health challenge."


Rebel Herbs: "We know you are really involved in philanthropy, can you tell us more about that?"


Amanda:  "I am a part of The Quantum House, Locks of Love, Big Brothers Big Sisters Mentoring Program, Horses Healing Hearts, and the National Alliance for Eating Disorder Awareness:  Real Body for EveryBody.  I am very active on social media so you can follow me on Instagram @theholistic.honey"


Welcome Amanda! We are so lucky to be given this opportunity to work with you.


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