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Balanced Heart Health Your Pursuit? Check Out This Indian Snakeroot!

Rauvolfia serpentina, also known as Indian snakeroot (or even better, devil pepper) is a widely used herb in both ancient ethnobotanical practices as well as modern Ayurvedic herbalism. It is truly an amazing example of the modern use and understanding of herbs that were discovered and vetted by ancient healers, using the scientific method to understand the mechanism of action and peripheral consequences.


In 2015 Dr. Douglas Lobay, ND published a paper on the herb that was quite compelling and a genuinely good read. Check this journal article HERE! In this PubMed indexed paper, he discusses the herb at great length, giving a full overview of the history of use, the pharmacology, and the clinical application.


At the end of the day, most Western scientists look at the lowest common denominator or the primary phyto chemical that is giving us the therapeutic benefit. Which in the case of Rauvolfia, that compound is generally understood to be reserpine. Reserpine is an alkaloid isolated from the Rauvolfia herb and has been used therapeutically since the 50’s.


For our purposes, Rauvolfia is used to help maintain normal blood pressure that is already in a healthy range. This combined with other herbs that support a healthy heart, can be a great tonic for people that want to maintain an optimal cardiovascular system.


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