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Rebel Herbs: Staying Healthy with the Superstars of Ayurveda

Revolution is a beautiful thing. The idea that someone, a rebel, has challenged the status quo and offers their interpretation of the world we live in, brings hope to all humanity.

The image of a rebel as angry or disrespectful would be a flawed view; I see nature and herbalism as the purest expression of rebellion. It is a rebellion against the sheep, like following of the intelligence of modern man and the total rejection of ancient herbal wisdom. Rebellion is the triumph of the mind over passive acceptance of the ideas from those who thought to speak on the subject before us. Rebellion is not evil and it is not anger, it is mankind refusing to accept that it has reached the furthest edge of wisdom and understanding. It is the method through which we grow.

Rebellion is the beautiful process of becoming; no truth is proven until it is challenged. This is not dirty, angry or controlling, it is the basic process of growth that is natural to all people.

Our purpose in publishing this work is to empower and equip everyone we can with the spirit and understanding that is embedded in Dr. Phadke’s formulas and ideas.

Dr. Phadke’s personal philosophy on learning is that it never ends, and true learning begins through questioning all things and ideals. He once told me that to truly understand the topic of Ayurveda you must sit down at a table with experts in many fields, like pharmacology, herbalism, western medicine, surgery, astrology and poetry. Once you have discussed the topic with them for some years, you will start to understand the topic.

This book will introduce you to Dr. Phadke’s ideas on formulation and give you the basic understanding of how Ayurveda works. You will get the “rebel’s” perspective which may be different from other practitioners. But, not to question their understanding of Ayurveda would go against the very foundation of the science of Ayurveda, because, like all science, it is continually questioning, exploring and expanding.



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