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Work Hard. Play Hard.

As the Operations Manager, I get to interact with all of the staff at Rebel Herbs. We are a tight-knit group that works well and cohesively. I get so much satisfaction from my job, not only because I love what I do, but because I love the people I get to work with everyday. We aren't just co-workers. We are a family.


Rebel Herbs is always making sure that we celebrate every holiday in true 'rebel' fashion. You know the saying, "go big or go home"? Well, let's just say, we NEVER 'go home'. Our holiday celebrations aren't just for those who are working at Rebel Herbs, but for their families and loved ones as well.


This Thanksgiving celebration was one for the books. In addition to the scrumptious pitch-in dinner (and if you haven't ever had a mid-western pitch-in dinner, you just haven't even lived), we had our first annual employee awards ceremony. Each employee was awarded a unique and special award for the work they have done this year. Some of the awards included; The Julie Child Award, Human Wikipedia Award, The Michael Phelps of Parenting Award, The President of the Finer Things Club Award, The Won't You Be My Neighbor Award, The Clark Griswold Award, and much more. Each and every award was specially hand-crafted for each employee.


One of the requirements of a Rebel Herbs' party is an intense and proper game time. We had a spectacular game lineup for this celebration! We played a homemade jeopardy game, filled with trivia and inside jokes from our office happenings this past year. All of us were laughing until we had tears in our eyes as we reminisced about all the funny, embarrassing, loving, sweet, and fun times we shared this year. In addition to Jeopardy, we had our employees race to see who could complete our scavenger hunt first. Each clue was related to inside jokes and happenings at the office this past year. Our employees ran, in the rain, following one clue after another, all while laughing the whole time.


We at Rebel Herbs pride ourselves on being a family business with family values. We encourage our employees to bring their children, partners, pets, or loved ones with them to our celebrations. We were lucky enough to enjoy the company of a couple of super cool kiddos at this party. Our CEO and president, Jason Edwards, always loves when the kids come to the office to hang out. He fits right in with the kiddos, and even gave them some sweet treats, toys, and coloring pages while their mommy played some Jeopardy.


I'm so lucky to be a part of such an amazing company. No, I don't mean that. I mean, I am, but what I am really meaning to say is that I am so lucky to be a part of such an amazing family. We work hard. We play hard. We love hard.


So, however you chose to celebrate your holidays,

work hard, play hard, love hard


-to you and yours, from me and mine


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