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The Invisible Cage

Fear plays an important role in the evolution of all creatures. It is a warning sign that danger is present and sometimes, our very life depends on listening. There are circumstances that meet these criteria but fear also shows up in different ways due to the current world we live in. When is fear ‘appropriate’ and when is it inhibiting us to move forward in life? The nature of fear may be the key to unraveling this question. If you have fear, what is the nature of it? Is it based on past experience or trauma? Is it a recurring belief pattern or thought you have about life, yourself, or other people? Maybe it is fear of change, and even though you feel stuck in a place of unhappiness, it is more comfortable to stay in a familiar place than to take a leap into the unknown. Like pain, fear is usually very personal and a combination of many things. Recently, I had a lot of fear around doing a presentation for my peers. A little bit of stage fright is normal and allows me to stay in the present moment but this time, it was deeper. It was showing up in my mind but also caused some physical symptoms that were speaking loudly. I share this because it was a valuable lesson for me, and no one can be their own doctor. Using Ayurvedic Medicine through my experience helped me discover the root cause of my fear and how to start healing my mind, body, and spirit. Through modern science, we know Ayurvedic herbs work by affecting biochemical reactions in the body. Ayurvedic herbs can also help us process emotions, stabilize the nervous system, and rejuvenate one’s vitality. These herbs are known as rasayanas and I am very grateful to have them on my team so I can continue helping others. This is just one of the beautiful things about Ayurveda; it has been giving people the freedom to say “Yes!” in life for thousands of years.


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