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Rebel Herbs Announces Product Launch

Award winning company announces the release of 10 new single herb capsule products

Bloomington, IN: Rebel Herbs is excited to announce the launch of 10 certified organic single botanical capsules. The company states that it works diligently to bring quality products into the natural health market. The capsules include ginger, holy basil, boswellia, ashwagandha, amla, shatavari, neem leaf, triphala, guggul, and fenugreek. These single herbs help to expand treatment options for integrated practitioners and naturopaths, who use herbs and spices as part of their practice.

The single herb capsules combine the power of CO2 extraction with the subtle therapeutic qualities of the hydrophilic extracts. The company’s CO2 extracts are pure and extremely concentrated (as high as 250:1). Chemical solvents and high heat are not used, which ensures optimal stability and better absorption. Additionally, the supplements are subjected to routine testing for foreign material, contaminants, microbiological and heavy metals.

Rebel Herbs is a brand of unique organic herbal products including supplements, powders and vapors which are made exclusively from plants grown and harvested at the company’s certified organic farms. The company’s mission is to bring Ayurveda, an ancient healing practice hailing from India, to the global market by means of easier accessibility while ensuring quality and ethical responsibility for all parties involved.

The company’s operation is sustainable. Adhering to its resolve for economical and ethical accountability, it has educated local farmers on organic farming and other viable practices. The company funds local farmers’ certification and contracts them to grow and supply herbs and spices. The company looks to build a long term revenue engine for everyone in its chain of supply. The company has established that its workers are paid 20% more than the average wage for their positions. This has helped over 400 workers living in India provide a better life for their families. Furthermore, this method provides the crucial processes that the company has for full control of its product from soil to shelf, in addition to minimizing environmental impact.

Rebel Herbs manufactures and distributes botanical products around the world and is headquartered in Indiana, USA.



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