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Project Lifesaver

Back in 2015, Greene County Indiana Sheriff's Department realized that there was a need for "Project Lifesaver" bracelets for individuals who are differently-abled, either cognitively (neurodivergent) or physically. The community had expressed a need for tracking bracelets after a Mom reached out, looking for help. Her son who has autism and is non-verbal, would sometimes leave their house in the middle of the night. She was terrified of what could happen. Another mom with a son who has autism teamed up with her to discuss the possibilities.


The Greene County Indiana Sheriff's Department wanted to help. Project Lifesaver was born. They began accepting applications from caretakers so they could pass out bracelets, each with their own unique frequency and tracked by the sheriff's department. If a caretaker is ever concerned about someone's whereabouts, they can call the sheriff's department and they can locate the individual within twenty minutes. This program not only uses tracking technology, but, innovative search and rescue methods, and provides community policing courses that educate first responders on neurodivergent conditions.


The sheriff's department wanted to ensure that anyone needing one of these bracelets could receive one quickly, and at no cost to the applicants. They have solicited donation requests to sustain this much-needed program.


Rebel Herbs was more than happy to be given the opportunity to donate to this worthy cause. This issue is something that is near and dear to our hearts. We live in a close-knit community and when we heard there was a need, we couldn't wait to donate.


If you are interested to see if Project Lifesaver is operating in your community, or if you would like to see how to bring this program to your area, click HERE!


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