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Prioritize Your Pores

Your skin is the largest organ of our body, and like all of our organs, needs to be kept healthy and strong. There are many ways to help your clients maintain healthy skin:

  • Add skin-loving herbs to your diet, such as our amla, turmeric, and neem.

  • Eat plenty of fiber! Fibrous foods helps the microbes in your gut flourish.

  • Incorporate healthy Omega 3 fatty acids into your diet. Eat salmon, mackerel, sardines, or take an omega 3 capsule.

  • Drink plenty of water!

  • Protect the skin by always using sunscreen (even on cloudy days), and wearing protective clothing on sunny days.

  • Treat your skin gently! Avoid regular long hot baths and showers (which strips the skin of its natural oils), pat skin to dry, remember to moisturize, and avoid soaps with strong chemicals or additives.

  • Eat a healthy diet. A diet consisting of whole foods, leafy green vegetables and juicy fruit will not only help your skin, but your overall health!

  • Manage your stress.

We also value taking care of skin from the inside out, so that is why we offer many products that are useful in maintaining healthy skin. We grow certified organic amla among other herbs and spices on our farms, and use some of the most advanced extraction technology in order to offer a high quality product. This way, we can combine one of the most ancient herbal traditions with the most modern technology to deliver consistent results.


We offer amla in two forms: single herb capsules and single herb powders. Our amla capsules are made from our powerful extracts and vegetarian capsules for a more convenient way to incorporate into your daily routine. Each capsule contains half a gram of extract of certified organic amla. This is one of the best options for specific dosing, or for patients who cannot tolerate the flavor of different extracts.


Additionally, we offer a convenient formulated multi-herbal capsule to aid in maintaining healthy skin. Our Complexion+ capsules contain amla, rubia cordifolia root, turmeric, neem and black pepper extracts for the best results no matter the skin type.


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