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Living Under Quarantine

Just like all of you we are living under quarantine and not able to function like our normal used to be. We are working from home, and on a skeleton crew at the office. We are all dealing with delays and supply issues, having conference calls with our children and grandchildren in the background. Cooking every meal? Binge-watching every series on Netflix.


It is safe to say that all of you reading this can relate, and it's not fun. Many of these things we can laugh at and know that it will make a great story someday. However, some of the challenges are just awful. Perhaps you have a loved one that had to go to the hospital for a none COVID19 related issue or maybe you have a loved one that needs surgery but not enough to make the list and be able to get it anytime soon.


Perhaps you have some folks you care able that are in the emergency rooms and wards that are currently dealing with COVID19 patients. Trying to salvage the masks and gowns that they used on the last shift so they will have something to use the next day.


As a business owner and member of our executive team here at Rebel Herbs, I can tell you that we are dealing with all of those issues and trying to keep up on the necessary shipping and daily physical tasks of the operation while crating up material for our employees to work on while they are quarantined at their homes. We are living the same new normal that you all are and while it sucks today, we will be better for it in the long run. Better prepared, better positioned, and just better people.


Every night the sun sets and then every morning it rises again, stay strong, stay in, keep cooking all your own meals and be hopeful for the next morning.





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