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Halloween Hilarity

What do a cat, a basketball player, Medusa, a vampire, and a ladybug all have in common? They all love Rebel Herbs' employee parties!

This Halloween was an exceptionally spooky and fun event at the Rebel Herbs' office. We celebrated with delicious treats, sandwiches, minute-to-win-it games, costumes, and a soup contest!

Teresa, our party coordinator, instructing us on how to play the minute-to-win-it-games.

We couldn't help but smile while watching our President and CEO, Jason Edwards (ladybug) and our Creative Director Jennifer Uland (cat) try to keep three balloons in the air for one minute, only using their head. Samantha Edwards (Medusa), our Operations Manager, excelled at the one-handed, playing card organization game. Kelly Spelts (devil), our Production Engineer, took great pride organizing M&Ms by color, using only chop-sticks. All of our office Rebels enjoyed tasty prizes for our game play.

Jason and Chandler, competing head to head. Who can sort the M&Ms the quickest, using only chopsticks?

There is nothing more that mid-westerns love more than a good pitch-in lunch, and this was no exception. We had the most delicious soups; chicken gnochi, plain-Jane chili, seafood gumbo, cheesy potato soup, and Jason's super spicy, tear-inducing, chili using the peppers grown from his garden.

The yummy monster ice cream cake that Chandler brought to share with all of us Rebels!

We had several awards earned at our Halloween party. "Crowd Pleaser" went to Kathy for her seafood gumbo. "Most Original" went to Kelly for her chicken gnochi. "Best Overall" went to Kathy for her seafood gumbo. "Spiciest" went to Jason for his tear-inducing chili. "Honorary Mention" went to Jennifer for her tasty cheesy potato soup.

Enjoying some of the delicious food brought in by employees!

There was someone else who received the most prestigious of Halloween awards; the "Cheers Witches" award. This award goes to the person in the office who has the most Halloween spirit, brings Halloween cheer to the office, and celebrates the holiday in a way that truly preserves the spookiness that it is meant to have. Teresa couldn't have been a better candidate for this award! She prepared all of the games for the party, decorated the entire office, organized the food for the pitch-in, made super tasty goodies, brought amazing prizes, and brought the spirit and fun to the party. She is our party planner extraordinaire!

CEO and COO. Ladybug and Vampire. Husband and Wife. What a team!

Hope you all enjoyed your Halloween!


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