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Finding Synergy with Imunade #24

Our immune systems are really quite magically designed, effortlessly interacting with the amazing medicinal herbs of Ayurveda.

Our formula #24 Imunade contains tinospora Cordifolia, amla, ginger, turmeric, ashwagandha, and neem, all immune friendly botanicals with strong synergistic actions. These herbs are well-known to help maintain healthy and normal immune activity.

Imunade contains tinospora cordifolia or Guduchi, which is native to India. It is a green climbing viney plant that has small, heart-shaped leaves and produces small red berries.

It is a highly revered Ayurvedic herb whose leaves, stems and roots have been traditional medicine for thousands of years. The ancient Vedics said that it was “Amrit” or a nectar of immortality. It is rich in flavonoids, saponins, and tannins, all of which impact immune functions and can encourage a normal healthy immune activity. This amazing plant is supported by the superstar entourage of neem, ginger, turmeric, amla, and ashwagandha; all of which are known to support healthy immune function.

Now the entourage is not just more of the same. Take amla, for example; this herb has an ORAC value that is 75 times greater than goji berries. Ginger has been shown to quail nausea of all sorts and neem leaf extract is so versatile that it is called the village pharmacy in India. Many practitioners are aware of the benefits of ashwagandha for maintaining a healthy stress response, but few realize its impact on immune function.
This incredible broad reaching formula can be a great tool to help keep the immune systems of your patients humming along.
If you would like to learn more about formula #24 Imunade and herbs found in it, from a scientifically-based approach, register here for a free webinar session hosted by our educator Nancy Angelini.


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