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This month, our newly appointed Director of Clinical Education, Dr. Juliette Sweet, ND, MSAyu, will be leading a FREE webinar on ADHD and herbs that help regulate brain activity. Each webinar attendee will be entered into a drawing for a FREE, fully stocked floor display in addition to receiving a FREE, full-sized sample of our product NuroSteady.


NuroSteady is one of the encapsulated herbal formulas that we offer. NuroSteady (as well as our Nuroade encapsulated product) contains our branded ingredient called NuroLight. Studies on NuroLight have demonstrated that it can help maintain normal focus and attention. For example, the study chart below exhibits how NuroSteady helped significantly improve IQ scores in school-aged children.


Over the course of one year, the average IQ is expected to rise in children. However, what is not expected is that the lowest IQ score after one year of taking NuroSteady was higher than the highest IQ score recorded the previous year. To learn about this study and more, register for this month’s webinar here (


Dr. Sweet hold a Doctorate degree in Naturopathic Medicine and a Master’s degree in Ayurvedic Sciences from Bastyr University located in Seattle, Washington. She is the President of the New Mexico Association of Naturopathic Physicians, and owner of SiraVita Health, LLC. She was instrumental in spearheading the state licensure law that was recently passed and recently signed by the New Mexican governor.


Our October webinar sessions are only 30 minutes long, so it’s easier for you to fit into your schedule! This month, you can choose to attend webinars on October 23 or 25, at 12 pm or 5 pm EST. Seats fill quickly, so be sure to register today!


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