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Digestade - A Different Type Of Tonic

Digestion is a big part of healthy living and a healthy weight. Every January we are all looking for a healthy body and a renewed commitment weight control. So this year start by looking at making your digestive system the best it can be. Our basic protocol for digestive health comes in two products, Triphala and Digestade.


Rebel Herbs Triphala is a modern take on a classic formulation. We use our dual extraction technology to extract the “three fruits” (in Sanskrit Triphala means the three fruits and is made from three therapeutic fruits). This process uses CO2 to pull the lipids from the fruits and either water or alcohol to draw the hydrophilic compounds from the fruits. These two extracts are then blended together to create a truly full spectrum extract that delivers quickly and powerfully the benefits of the herbs. Triphala is a tonic preparation that can have a dramatic impact on your digestive health. It can be used daily to help maintain a healthy digestive system. It is truly for everyone and for everyday use. Start with one capsule and work up to two if needed.


Formula #76 Digestade is more complex and is for use by those that have greater challenges that just are more than Triphala alone can handle. It is a broad spectrum product that helps the digestive system from start to finish. This blend of herbs helps the body maintain normal digestive secretions, and assist in normal peristalsis so that the food we eat is fully broken down and moved at an appropriate speed through the body.


Whichever of these products you choose for your patients, you can be sure that the herbs are certified organic and that the manufacturing is in US FDA inspected facilities. Our dual extraction process improves the bioavailability and the efficacy of the formulas. If your patients need digestive assistance you can be confident in Rebel Herb products.


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