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Bacopa and Nuroade

The second rebel herb that we will discuss this month is bacopa, sometimes also called brahmi or water-hyssop. A beautiful adaptogen herb, and has been traditionally used in treatments for the mind and nerves. It can be consumed in raw or dried form, and can be added to a variety of dishes, including smoothies and popsicles.


If you would like to learn more about bacopa, and how we use it in our products, consider taking our in-depth, study-based webinar course with the "Queen of Education", Nancy Angelini. With different times and different days, it is our new way to provide a better understanding of Ayurveda and science-backed natural healing to the West. Please register here for June's classes. If you’d like to awaken your creative spirit and mend your memory with the rejuvenating healing aura of bacopa, check out our Nuroade products! Click here to find out more.



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