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Asian-American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month

"I will not live a stagnant life; I’ll live for life itself...I will put all my efforts into issues related to climate change, the ‘nuclear energy-free’ movement, expanding renewable energy, and food safety.”.

-Choi Yul

Happy Asian-American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month in the USA! This week, our team at Rebel Herbs would like to highlight Choi Yul: a South Korean environmentalists who has been working to better the earth for most of his life.


Choi was arrested in the 1970s for his political activism and spent six years in jail reading on environmental issues. When he was released, Choi founded South Korea’s first environmental organization: The Korea Pollution Research Institute. Since then, he has founded and overseen multiple environmental campaigns and organizations, published many books and articles concerning environmental issues, and recognized by receiving many awards- including the Goldman Environmental Prize. He is currently serving as the President of the Korea Green Foundation and continues to work diligently for a cleaner, healthier future.


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