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Acupuncture in the south!

So this weekend I attended the FSOMA (Florida State Oriental Medicine Association) annual conference as the guest of our acupuncture distributor, AcuMarket. This gave me a unique look at the acupuncture market in the south. We have LAc’s that are buying from us now but at this show I found that they were hunger for unique products produced ethically and they were full of great probing questions.

AcuMarket wanted to focus on our herbal vapors but they were fascinated by our other products. Many of these folks are primary care for their clients and they take that responsibility seriously.

So we wanted to take a moment and celebrate the acupuncturists in the US and all they do for the health of America! Keep it up folks!

#herbalvapors #acupuncture #fsoma #acumarket
#acupuncture #fsoma #AcuMarket #herbalvapors #rebelherbs #jointherebellion


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