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We Are a Family

Rebel Herbs is an international company. Our home office is located in southern Indiana, where people from all walks of life come together.


Our hard working CEO Jason Edwards, COO Tena Edwards, and Operations Manager Samantha Edwards are family, and in turn have thoughtfully curated a business family. Rebel Herbs we have a safe working environment, secure jobs, and opportunities for moving up if an employee shows outstanding initiative, as well as celebrate each other’s birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and whenever a new little one is born.


Every week, our Indiana office has “Think-tank Thursdays” - a couple of hours where you won’t find anyone at the desks, pouring over paperwork, or stocking the shelves. That’s the time when we gather around the lunch table to enjoy a meal and each other’s company. Seldom do our conversations turn to business on Thursdays. It's more about just connecting. The work week can be hectic and stressful, so once a week we and our employees take a break from that stress.


We recognize that everyone has unique talents that contribute to our team. We believe in building each other up through acknowledgement of hard work, innovative ideas, seamless teamwork, and encouraging each other to refine our different talents. Thus, we each have a personal connection to our work, we have implicit trust in one another, and enjoy healthy competition with each other. For example, each month we highlight an employee- better known as “Rebel of the Month”. The Rebel is chosen through both outstanding work performance, as well as nominations by fellow workers.


We hold mutual respect between coworkers and management, common goals with our business, and rely heavily on productive teamwork that stems from strong communication. It is important to us that our work family is connected to our mission, our customers, each other, and that they feel the satisfaction of a workplace that values them. Because of this mutual respect, we are able to focus all of our effort to create the best products for our customers.


As we strive to bring the world a simple and more usable Ayurveda, our Rebel Herbs family will continue to work hard to bring our high quality, innovative products to the shelves of suppliers, distributors, healthcare professionals, and other families as well!



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