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Truly Thankful

‘Tis the season to be thankful! As we gather around the Thanksgiving table with family and friends, we can share what we are truly thankful for. There are many different ways to feel thankful. One way to feel thankful for what you have is by helping someone else. When you help others without thinking of rewards or paybacks, not only are you making someone else’s life better, but you can create new experiences that you can both feel thankful for.


One simple way to help others is to “pay it forward”. By paying it forward, a simple act of kindness can cause a ripple effect. Thus, a simple act of kindness can create a number of positive experiences for others. Below are 25 different ways to “pay it forward” and spread thankfulness and kindness this season!

  1. Hold the door open for the person behind you.

  2. Donate blood.

  3. Buy a house warming gift for new neighbors.

  4. Volunteer at a hospital, nursing home, homeless shelter, etc.

  5. Write a positive online review about a local business that you like.

  6. Help someone else get active. If there is someone in your life that wants to become healthier, offer to go walking or running with them, or join a gym together.

  7. Buy a drink from a child’s lemonade stand.

  8. Allow someone with less items than you cut in front of you in line at the store.

  9. Look for creative ways to earn some extra money each month, then donate that money to a good cause or charity.

  10. Pay for the person in line behind you or the table next to you.

  11. Be a nice driver - allow people to merge in front of you.

  12. Instead of having people give you birthday or holiday gifts, ask them to donate gifts or money to a good cause or charity.

  13. Reduce, reuse, recycle: think twice before you throw something away.

  14. Clean up litter in a park, road side, or another nearby space.

  15. If someone wants to repay you, ask them to pay it forward.

  16. Smile at five strangers today.

  17. Write to a former teacher who made a difference in your life.

  18. Offer to babysit for free - especially if you know a single parent.

  19. Leave quarters at the laundromat.

  20. Send a positive text message to three different people this week.

  21. Take a plate of cookies to your local librarians.

  22. Leave a good waiter/waitress the largest tip that you can afford.

  23. Send a thank-you card to officers at your local fire or police station.

  24. Take an extra minute to compliment a customer service employee in front of their manager.

  25. Find some things positive about yourself and write them down. Take them out to read them when you’re feeling down - you deserve some kindness too!


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