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True Rebel Fashion

If one walks through a front door and into a main office room, a strange and dazzling sight beholds the eyes. A large office desk is decorated with sea nets, golden coins and chalices, rats, and glass jugs full of what appears to be rum. Posters of the Jolly Roger are plastered onto the walls. An employee swivels around in the office chair, donning boots, a headscarf, and an empty flask. It’s Pirate Party Day at Rebel Herbs.


We are a small family company, and we work hard. From mundane paperwork, to playing catch up with endless to-do lists, packing or unpacking for shows and events, filling and processing orders, or handling shipping- from the moment we clock in to the moment we leave for the day, we hit the ground running. In this fast-paced work environment, it can be easy to slip into the stress and anxiousness of the grind. Therefore, it is important to take some time to bond, have fun, and not take the little things too seriously.


On September 19, we celebrated our first annual Pirate Party in honor of International Talk Like a Pirate day. Taking an extended lunch, our employees (including our remote employees), were encouraged to dress up and have some fun. So in true Rebel fashion, we put on our pirate hats, assembled our hooks, and got ready to pillage and plunder! On this special occasion, lunch was slightly extended to accommodate time for fun and games. Our staff treated themselves to a proper pirate feast which included fish and chips, quicksand, cannonballs, sand dollars, fruity booty and pirate’s grog (fish sticks and fries, hummus, meatballs, cookies, watermelon and root beer floats, respectively).


After a time of lunch and laughs, the Rebel Herbs team fiercely dueled over who was the most qualified to call themselves a pirate (winners included Kathy Neill who won Pirate Trivia, Jennifer Uland who placed first in the Pirate Costume Contest, and Dustin Weddle who won Truth or Lie), took pictures at our photo booth, and relaxed with drinks in hand.


As a company, we encourage hard work and healthy competition, but also recognize and highlight the importance of self-care. Each of our staff members and leadership are vital to our Rebel ship. We also encourage others to do the best that they can in a healthy and responsible way. And what better way to relax and rejuvenate the mind and body than with food, laughter and some pirate banter?



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