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May's "Rebel of the Month"

Our grandson Jaxson has been a real trooper throughout this quarantine. But online school, separation from his friends, and staying home for nearly two months is not the most fun. However, Jaxson has taken advantage of not attending school or daycare by learning the business.


He always wants to help. Mamaw set him up a desk in the office with all the tools you need. He had a stapler, tape dispenser, pens, and paper, which he promptly customized to make his own, by glueing googly eyes on and writing his name on them all.


When he helped with pack and ship he had a lot of questions about where the packages were going and why everyone didn't just come to get their own stuff. He wanted to give them all extra stuff and felt that that was a good strategy.


Because of his enthusiasm, work ethic and general cuteness, we name Jaxson as the Rebel of the Month. I guess he gets to park his bicycle in the best spot for the month.


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